Title: Network 1000: Opinions and circumstances of blind and partially sighted people in Great Britain.

Author: Graeme Douglas, Christine Corcoran, and Sue Pavey, Publisher: Visual Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research, University of Birmingham, Year of publication: 2006.


This report presents a summary of data collected through 1,007 interviews with blind and partially sighted people in Great Britain. The interviews were carried out between spring 2005 and spring 2006. The research has been carried out by the Visual Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research (VICTAR) within the University of Birmingham in partnership with VISION 2020 UK and was funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Each telephone interview took an average of 40 minutes and was carried out by researchers within VICTAR. The project forms one of the biggest surveys of its kind ever undertaken and the first survey to be conducted with major sector wide involvement.

Key findings

The report is divided into four sections:    

  • Introduction and description of the Network 1000 sample    
  • Main survey findings    
  • Analysis of open ended question    
  • Findings from the Key Informant interviews

The main findings include analysis of the following topics:    

  • The visually impaired participants and their home    
  • Vision and visual impairment    
  • Reading and access    
  • Low vision aids    
  • Health, other disabilities, and hearing    
  • Employment    
  • Finance    
  • Independent living skills    
  • Travel    
  • Computer use    
  • Education    
  • Leisure