Title: Sight loss UK 2013: the latest evidence

Author: Evidence and Service Impact, Publisher: RNIB, Year of publication: 2013


Sight loss UK brings together the latest evidence related to sight loss in the UK. The report is published by RNIB so that everyone working in the sight loss sector, and professionals and policymakers throughout the UK have the most up to date information available to inform their work and decision-making.  The report is based on 70 key indicators that show us what life is like for people with experience of sight loss, their carers and those at risk of sight loss.

Key findings

The report includes indicators on the following topics:     

  • Living with sight loss and those at risk of sight loss    
  • Cost of sight loss    
  • Prevention of sight loss    
  • Early reach    
  • Independence     
  • Inclusive society    
  • European and world sight loss