Title: Barriers to financial inclusion: factors affecting the independent use of banking services for blind and partially sighted people.

Author: Angela Edwards (RNIB); Publisher: RNIB; Year of publication: 2011


The report presents the findings of an RNIB study which was supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and focuses on the experiences of blind and partially sighted people on their of using everyday banking services. The study used many of the same questions from the 2004 survey Money Matters (RNIB) and where possible includes comparisons with the earlier survey.

Key findings

Whilst some people prefer family, friends or another third party to manage their financial affairs on their behalf, the vast majority of blind and partially sighted people would prefer to take control of their financial affairs for themselves. Inaccessible systems and processes such as websites which are incompatible with screen readers, internet and telephone security numbers sent to blind and partially sighted customers in printed formats and differences in the keypad and menu options of cash machines (ATM's) are just some of the barriers to independence. The report makes some recommendations about how some of these problems can be addressed.