Title: RNIB Care Homes Falls Prevention Project: A review of the Literature

Author: Pam Turpin (ARUP); Publisher: RNIB; Year of publication: 2011


With an increasing ageing demographic, a significant public health challenge is the incidence of falls. The frequency of falling increases with age and can have serious consequences for older people. Further, changes in visual components such as visual field, acuity contrast sensitivity and depth perception have been identified as key risk factors in falling (Dhital et al: 2010). As part of a review of its own policies, RNIB commissioned ARUP to conduct desk research on falls management in care homes for the elderly, looking particularly at the specific needs of older people who are blind or partially sighted.

Key findings

This extensive literature review has identified a large amount of research focused specifically on reducing falls. It shows the complexity of cause and resulting management and prevention of falls. A number of factors that play a contributory role in the prevention of falls are identified, either on their own or as part of a multi factorial approach.