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Interviews and tests

An RNIB guide for blind and partially sighted people on how to approach a job interview, including advance preparation, tips on answering questions and taking tests.

If you’ve secured an interview that means your CV is working for you and that you are completing application forms effectively. This page will guide you through job interviews,

Before the interview

Well prepared is well performed and effective preparation means that you will come across as confident, articulate and knowledgeable. Most importantly, good preparation helps you manage your nerves and shows the employer that you really want the job. Some ways you can prepare for an interview are:

  • Read some common interview test questions
  • Research the organisation
  • Re-read your application
  • Research your interviewer
  • Plan some questions to ask
  • Arrange any adjustments you require
  • Plan your journey

On the day of the interview make sure you dress appropriately to make a good first impression and give yourself enough time to get there.

At the interview

As soon as you arrive you should behave as though the interview has started. Sit up as straight and as attentively in the reception area as you would in the interview room. Attitude is really important so remember to:

  • be positive
  • be confident
  • be polite and courteous
  • treat the interviewer with respect
  • be interested and enthusiastic
  • listen

If you are using any equipment, it might be a good idea to explain to the employer how it assists you as it is a good demonstration of how you could use this to aid you in the workplace.

For more information and advice on interviewing for a job download our interview factsheet.

Virtual interviews

You may be invited to a virtual interview and many of the same rules apply. Just remember to check ahead of time that you can access the platform on which you’ll be interviewed and that all the technology you need is charged and in working order. For more advice and information download our virtual interview factsheet.