Looking to the Future - case studies


Peter (19) benefited significantly from his involvement with the Looking to the Future project and the social events that were run in 2015 and 2016.

Peter said that by being a part of the project and participating in the skills and confidence-building courses he ‘felt less isolated’ and had improved his social skills dramatically. This, in turn, has led to him becoming more empowered as a young person living with sight-loss.

Peter is now at university, where he had the confidence to ask for reasonable adjustments, and is on course to achieve a degree in his chosen subject.


Jafar (22) had spent the last two years of his life at home in Dumbarton, battling depression and struggling to understand how he could ever move forward as a young person with sight-loss.

It was at this point that Jafar chose to contact RNIB Scotland in a bid to change his desperate situation. A major setback, however, was his lack of confidence and reluctance to travel anywhere he wasn’t familiar with.

While it has been a long journey for Jafar, two years since joining Looking to the Future, he has learned valuable skills, built his confidence and now volunteers with RNIB Scotland, among many other positions. In one of these roles, Jafar travels independently throughout the UK and, in his own words, ‘could not be more confident’.


Dan (24) spent years working as a volunteer in youth clubs but was unable to secure a paid position.

With the support of RNIB Scotland, Dan got some coaching in interview skills, as his main issue was selling himself short. As a result of this input, Dan has a paid job as a youth worker for a highly regarded youth organisation.

He thoroughly enjoys his role and is hoping to develop this further as a career.


Priya (21) had always had additional supports needs throughout her career as a student. She had a keen interest in radio and was very keen to pursue further study, which would only be possible in a mainstream educational setting.

Through RNIB Scotland, Priya was able to build up her confidence for this transition by visiting college campuses and meeting disability support staff.

Priya is now finishing her first year of an National Certificate in radio and is looking forward to moving on to the Higher National Certificate course. She is hoping to have a career as a DJ in the future.


Alex (17) wanted to do a course in journalism but did not get involved in anything during his time at school which would help him be a successful competitor for getting into such courses.

With the help of RNIB Scotland, Alex did a short work placement at his local newspaper and was encouraged to write internet blogs to help him move forward.

Alex now has a place to study Higher National Certificate media at college which he is looking forward to and is happy that he has chosen the correct career path for him.