Lucy's story

Lucy was diagnosed with macular degeneration at just 21 years old - here’s what happened, and what she wished had happened after she was diagnosed.

Watch the video below to hear about Lucy's experience. 

You can also download Lucy's video transcript, (Word, 155KB)

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What happened after I was diagnosed

After my diagnosis, I walked home alone in shock. I didn’t tell my family and friends, I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I didn’t understand what my diagnosis meant for my future.

I struggled to continue with my studies because I had no support, no guidance and nowhere to turn. My sight loss worsened, making social situations more difficult, and I started to feel more isolated.

What I wished had happened

I wish I’d been able to see a sight loss adviser. Someone who could listen to my concerns and feelings. Someone who could help me understand what my diagnosis meant.

I needed practical support, someone telling me what help was available, and how I could continue with my studies. I needed someone who could help me feel less alone and regain my confidence.

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