Inside an optometrist's office with an eye test chart as the focus

During this year's National Eye Health Week (21-27 September 2020), it’s more important than ever to remember to look after your eyes.

At least half of sight loss is avoidable. If you have an eye condition, it’s important that you continue to look after eyes to stop your condition from getting worse. 

It's time to book your eye appointment

Many eye care services that were put on hold following lockdown are now up and running again. Hospital eye clinics and optometry practices are open and have safety measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. We urge anyone who is due an eye test to get in contact with their optician and book an appointment.

Download our Eye health during coronavirus: What to do and what to expect information sheet (PDF) for tips to help you prepare for your eye appointment. As the situation changes in pockets of the UK on a daily or weekly basis, we recommend you ring your clinic ahead of an appointment to double-check if any additional measures have been put in place.

Looking after your eyes: the basics

Whether you have an eye condition or not, there are easy steps you can take to make sure your eyes are healthy. Have a look at our top tips:

Tips on looking after your eyes

National Eye Health Week on RNIB Connect Radio

RNIB Connect Radio is featuring special interviews with eye health experts to celebrate National Eye Health Week 2020. Listen to our podcasts:

Podcast 1: The importance of eye tests

Optometrist and Specialist Lead in Eye Health at RNIB, Louise Gow, talks about the importance of eye tests, diet, and the 20/20/20 rule. 

Podcast 2: Dementia and eye health

World Alzheimer's Day falls at the start of National Eye Health Week and we speak to June Neil, RNIB, and Barbara Sharp, Alzheimer's Scotland. We look at the work between the two charities to produce support materials which show how an eye check can improve the everyday lives of people with dementia.

Podcast 3: Looking after your eyes (Wales)

Ansley Workman, Country Director for Wales, talks about looking after yourself, staying healthy and how this will help your eye health.

Podcast 4: The Macular Clinic (Belfast)

RNIB Committee Member Elaine Orwin highlights the amazing job being carried out by staff at the Macular Clinic at the Mater hospital in Belfast.

Podcast 5: Working with other charities (BAME community)

Ballu Patel, Community Development Officer (BAME) at RNIB, talks about a new relationship with his counterparts in other charities and what they are hoping to achieve, beginning with National Eye Health Week.

Podcast 6: Optometrists and coronavirus

Bill Harvey, an optometrist, talks about how remote working is helping him continue to look after his patients despite coronavirus and how he supports people with learning disabilities.

Podcast 7: Eye care in Northern Ireland

Catherine Hamilton, of Telford Opticians and Optomise Eyecare, is a practicing optometrist and talks about eye care in Northern Ireland.

Podcast 8: Eye care and children

Karen Hirst from RNIB’s Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) team talks about how to get the best advice around our children's eye health and attending eye appointments during the coronavirus outbreak.

Podcast 9: Eye care in Scotland

Julie Mosgrove, Vice Chair of Optometry Scotland, is a practicing optometrist and tells us about the advice in place for people in Scotland and the procedures in place to protect everyone from coronavirus.