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Thursday, 23 June 2016
IRISS Clinic trial

A clinical trial has started in the UK to test the IRIS®II, a bionic vision system that aims to help patients who have lost their sight due to retinitis pigmentosa.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation Trust in taking part in Pixium Vision's trial of IRIS®II which uses a bio-inspired camera to stimulate a retinal implant and sends image signals to the brain.
The initial goal for the new bionic system is to deliver light and shape perception and to localise objects giving the patient the ability to negotiate unfamiliar environments. 
As well as testing IRIS®II on patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), the trial will also include patients suffering from the conditions Usher syndrome, cone-rod dystrophy, and choroideremia, all of which can lead to blindness. IRIS®II trials are also taking place across France, Germany and Austria.
Mahi Muqit, consultant ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, said: “We are excited to participate in the clinical trial of IRIS®II and be the first site in the UK. Patients with RP can now benefit from a new choice of retinal implant that may potentially further improve visual outcomes. This new clinical trial is key for ophthalmic reference centres like Moorfields to evaluate the latest technologies, and provide patients with a retinal implant that is differentiated and allows retinal implant exchanges in the future.”
Khalid Ishaque, CEO of Pixium Vision, said: “The UK approval for the clinical study further reinforces our confidence in the IRIS®II platform, our first innovative bionic vision system.”
“Currently as the only company developing an epi-retinal system for RP patients and a sub-retinal wireless photovoltaic implant for AMD patients, we are delighted to initiate this clinical partnership with the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK.”

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  • To find out more, please contact the press team at Moorfields at [email protected] or call 020 7566 2628.
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