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  • David Allen

    How can blind and partially sighted people break out of the ‘poverty cycle’?


    David Allen, Chief Executive at the Faculty of Public Health, is passionate about social inclusion for people with disabilities. In his blog, he offers some practical steps to ensure people with sight loss enjoy health in all aspects of life.

  • George McNamara

    Eye health research has been “woefully underfunded for many years”, Director says


    George McNamara has spent the last ten years working in health policy. Today, he is the Director of Research, Policy and Innovation at Fight for Sight. During this year’s National Eye Health Week, he spoke to RNIB Connect Radio about the importance of research in preventing and treating sight loss, and shares some of the exciting new breakthroughs happening within the sector.

  • RNIB chief warns number of people losing their sight every day is “frightening”


    Findings from a new report published by RNIB and Specsavers, suggest the eye health crisis is set to deepen. Interim Chief Executive of RNIB, Sally Harvey and Specsavers Optometrist, Dr Nigel Best, sheds light on some of the key report findings.

  • Picture of person searching through files

    On this day … August 1989 - From DB8 to CVI


    With the launch of the new Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) form last month, we looked back almost thirty years at an edition of New Beacon from August 1989 when a commentary of a report proposing changes to the CVI form’s predecessor, the DB8 form, was printed.

  • A deafblind person walking with a red and white cane

    On this day... July 1947 - Attitudes to deafblind people


    In July 1947, The New Beacon featured an article exploring attitudes towards deafblind people. Author Frieda La Pla, deaf and blind herself, raises awareness of some of these harmful attitudes and suggests how these could be addressed.

  • Orcam

    OrCam assistive technology device now available through RNIB Shop


    The OrCam assistive technology device is now available through RNIB Shop. It is able to turn any text into speech with a click of a button and uses artificial intelligence to recognise people’s faces.

  • Boy playing with toy soldiers

    Sight loss in autistic people at risk of being overlooked


    People with autism may have sight loss which is going undetected because health and social care practitioners are unaware of the similar presentation of autism and visual impairment.

  • R2D2

    The technological developments leading new advances in eye surgery


    From bionic eyes to a robot called R2D2, advances in medicine and technology are combining nicely and having a huge impact on the way eye health is delivered and treated.

  • Safari

    On this day... April 1972


    In 1962, RNIB established the National Eye Donor Scheme, which sought to encourage people to donate their eyes after death for corneal grafting and other therapeutic purposes. Ten years later, in April 1972, New Beacon featured an article about how cornea material was being flown abroad for operations with Commonwealth nationals. Dive into the archive to find out more.

  • On this day... March 1985 - Threat to the visually-impaired mobility officer


    It is estimated that between 10-15 per cent of rehabilitation officers in the UK who work with people with a vision impairment have a sight condition themselves. However, a rehab officer with VI, Rod Wilson, wrote an article for NB in 1985 in which he explains how he didn’t feel people with VI were taken seriously enough in the profession. Look back in the NB archive to find out why.

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