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  • On this day... March 1985 - Threat to the visually-impaired mobility officer


    It is estimated that between 10-15 per cent of rehabilitation officers in the UK who work with people with a vision impairment have a sight condition themselves. However, a rehab officer with VI, Rod Wilson, wrote an article for NB in 1985 in which he explains how he didn’t feel people with VI were taken seriously enough in the profession. Look back in the NB archive to find out why.

  • Mobility in the 21st Century

    Mobility in the 21st Century – Blog Part Two


    In the second of his two blogs about technology and mobility, Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, discusses the apps and gadgets that will be available in the not too distant future for people with sight loss.

  • Two people holding hands

    Expanding the ECLO service


    Eye Clinic Liaison Officers play a crucial role in supporting people who have recently been diagnosed. At a time when services are more squeezed than ever before, how can the service be maintained and expanded? 

  • Guide dog

    On this day ... in February 1989


    Back in February 1989, Joe Herkes wrote a spirited article for NB called ‘My man says...’ where his guide dog is the narrator.

  • Julie-Anne Little

    How visual impairment can affect children with special needs


    Julie-Anne Little is the Research leader of the Optometry and Vision Science Group at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Currently, her main area of research concerns vision in children with learning disabilities.

  • What will be important to eye health and sight loss professionals in 2017.jpg

    What will be important to eye health and sight loss professionals in 2017?


    We asked a series of key figures in the sector to explain what they thought would be big news in 2017. Here’s what they said.

  • Yesterday and today at St Dunstan's

    On this day.... in January 1917


    Each month, we’ll be diving into The Beacon archive and sharing an interesting article from the last 100 years of the magazine. It felt fitting that the first article we publish from the archive be from the January edition in 1917. It is called ‘Yesterday and Today at St Dunstan’s’. Joan Kennedy, the author of the article, wrote a romantic account of her visit to the convalescent home and the soldiers who stayed there.

  • October 1918 front cover

    The Beacon front covers


    The Beacon was printed monthly and over the years, there were many beautiful hand-drawn illustrations used on the front cover.

  • 100 years of NB

    Happy 100th birthday to RNIB’s oldest magazine


    RNIB’s flagship publication, NB Online, is this month being recognised for reaching 100 years in circulation. Editor, Hannah Adams, looks back at what issues blind and partially sighted people faced in 1917 and how they compare to those experienced today.

  • Vision Rehabilitation Worker CPD

    Vision Rehabilitation Workers required to complete Continued Professional Development


    From January 2017, the Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network is launching a formal continuing professional development scheme.

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