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  • Catapult Driverless Pod

    Are driverless cars the future of transport for blind people?


    Self-driving vehicles could be the future of transport. Could they provide the ideal travel solution for blind people?

  • Stevie Johnson

    ECLO's and Early Intervention Support Staff seminar


    Stevie Johnson works in the Evidence and Service Impact Team at RNIB. Her role is to act as the Clinical Lead for ECLO's and RNIB’s early intervention work, ensuring support services are good quality and that workers maintain professional development, practice and standards.

  • You Care, Eye Care

    Deeper belonging


    NB Online's resident freelance journalist, Radhika Holmström, investigates what support is out there for Glasgow's black and minority ethnic community with visual impairment.

  • ABBA

    Should ophthalmic nurses be involved in setting the national eye health agenda?


    Ophthalmic nurses play a key role in delivering care to people with sight conditions. But more often than not, they aren't consulted when national agenda-setting conversations take place. Editor, Hannah Adams spoke about the reasons why they are excluded at board level at last week's RCN Ophthalmic Nursing Conference 2016.

  • Dr Elizabeth Wilkinson

    The importance of integrating retinal screening into diabetes care


    Dr Elizabeth Wilkinson, president of the Ophthalmology Section at the Royal Society of Medicine knows that managing diabetes is a complex issue. She is the Clinical Lead for the North and East Devon Diabetic Screening Programme and argues for better integration of diabetic eye care with wider diabetes management.

  • Eye Heroes

    Children taught to be eye health champions


    Eye Heroes is the UK’s first child-led eye health awareness campaign that tackles the increasing problem of avoidable blindness.

  • Eye Health Team

    Free eye health information helpline supports professionals


    Eye health and sight loss professionals make use of RNIB’s eye health telephone service that’s dedicated to providing information and advice about sight loss.

  • Diabetes and sight loss


    RNIB has created three new films about diabetes. The first film is about the eye screening process, the second is about how diabetes can be managed if the patient has sight loss and the last film suggests ways people can adjust their diet to suit a healthier lifestyle.

  • Robin Christopherson

    Robin's Blog: The Power of Technology


    Robin Christopherson is Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, and a technology enthusiast. He knows first-hand how empowering technology can be for people with sight loss.

  • Water resistant watch

    RNIB Easy-to-see water resistant watch


    Each month, NB Online will bring you a new product our customers tell us they can't get enough of from RNIB's online shop.

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