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A collection of our most read articles.


  • Skills of the job: A day in the life of a paediatric ECLO


    RNIB Northern Ireland recruited Andie Morrow as its first paediatric children’s Eye Care Liaison Officer working at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

  • New technology sees first braille tablet


    NB talks to Kristina Tsvetanova, a co-founder and CEO of Blitab about a possible ground breaking braille tablet.

  • The progress of eye health care in Scotland


    Dick Barbor-Might assesses the progress made in Scotland for eye patients since he was diagnosed with Wet AMD eight years ago.

  • Torbay Hospital appoints its first ECLO


    It was an eight-year battle to secure Phil Smith as an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) at Torbay Hospital.

  • Child has eye examination

    Stargardt’s Disease update


    Radhika Holmström investigates the most common form of inherited macular dystrophy.

  • Nurses are the new injection service


    Setting up a service to deliver ocular drug injections involves much more than just the practical training, as specialists at Moorfields tell Radhika Holmstrom.

  • Watch vlogger Suzie on the school run


    Mother of two, Suzie Simons wrote a column for NB for over a year. She is now a vlogger for NB Online.

  • Learn more about our vlogger Suzie Simons


    Mother of two, Suzie Simons wrote a column for NB for over a year. 

  • Why I love my... communiclock


    Shadeen can sometimes struggle to work out what time it is. See, how the communiclock has helped her keep track of the time, day and night.

  • What has happened to the eye health indicator?


    It took a bit of leg work, but Radhika Holmstrom was asked to find out what has happened since eye health was incorporated into the Public Health Outcomes Framework two years ago. The findings might surprise you especially when a Government body doesn’t even know the indicator comes under its remit.

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