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Monday, 1 June 2015

The best things in life are free and NB Online has compiled a collection of our useful eye health articles for you to download and share with your colleagues.

The accessible PDF covers research dementia and sight loss, the cataracts crisis, nystagmus, eye cancer and so much more. 

The full contents are:  

  • Guiding you on nystagmus - essential information and causes of this eye condition
  • Shining a light on eye cancer - understanding the red reflex test can be key to detecting retinoblastoma in children
  • Marfan syndrome explained - What you need to know about a complex genetic condition that affects the eyes
  • Cataracts crisis - can the NHS cope with the numbers ready for surgery?
  • Tackling dementia and sight loss - new developments in supporting the estimated 100,000 people who have dementia and sight loss
  • Treating thyroid eye disease - the rare condition is often underdiagnosed, but there is plenty of exciting research underway
  • Focus on Alström Syndrome -  Q&A on the rare condition that can impact on every organ in the body
  • Latest advances in eye health - why people with age-related macular degeneration have difficulty recognising faces
  • Implications of gene therapy - a round-up of research covering gene therapy and cataracts
  • Goodbye to injections? Okay, not quite yet, but there are groundbreaking treatments for eye conditions 

Download it now


  • What should we include in our next compilation? Let us know and email us at [email protected]
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