Have your say on the future direction of the UK Vision Strategy

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Thursday, 6 October 2016
UK Vision Strategy

Have your say about how the UK Vision Strategy runs in the future. Complete the survey.

The UK Vision Strategy provides a unifying framework for the eye health and sight loss sectors to work towards delivering improved eye health, better treatment and support to people with sight loss, and a society which fully includes blind and partially sighted people.

NCVO Charities Evaluation Services (NCVO CES) is currently conducting a six-month evaluation and consultation project to inform the future development and delivery of the UK Vision Strategy and collaborative work in the eye health/sight loss sectors.

The NCVO CES researchers want to hear from you about your experiences as a professional working in the eye health and/or sight loss sectors and what you think are the key challenges and opportunities for the future. Please make your voice heard by taking part in the survey

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