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  • David Scott-Ralphs, Katrina Venerus and Lord Holmes

    Sight campaigners demand urgent overhaul of services for people with learning disabilities


    Eye health experts have called for a national scheme of longer, tailored sight tests for people with learning disabilities who are more likely to suffer problems or need glasses.

  • A close up of a person from behind, holding a white cane in a street

    People with sight loss in England are failing to be assessed for vision rehabilitation support


    Nearly half of people with sight loss in England are not being assessed for vision rehabilitation support by their local authorities. This is the conclusion of RNIB’s (Royal National Institute of Blind People) new report See, Plan and Provide, which is based on an exclusive survey of local authorities in England.

  • Medicine

    New Competency Framework for all Prescribers


    A new, updated and restructured Competency Framework for all Prescribers has been published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) after collaboration with the College of Optometrists, all the prescribing professions, and patients.

  • Man administering eye drops

    Taking the sting out of eye drops for people with learning disabilities


    A national sight loss and disability charity has launched a new factsheet to help people with learning disabilities administer eye drops correctly.

  • Eye health sector intervenes to stop patients losing sight


    Warnings that hospital-initiated delays and cancelled follow up appointments are at crisis point, putting patients' sight at risk, have led to a new cross-sector initiative to release pressure off the hospital eye services by treating more people in the community.

  • Peng Khaw Moorfields

    Moorfields Eye Hospital and DeepMind Health announce medical research partnership


    A new medical research partnership that could revolutionise the way professionals carry out eye tests and lead to earlier detection of common eye diseases has been launched in London.

    With the number of people suffering from sight loss in the UK predicted to double by 2050, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and DeepMind Health will explore how cutting-edge technologies can help medical research into eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and sight loss as a result of diabetes.

  • Watching tennis with myopia

    College of Optometrists urges sports-lovers to make sure they can see their favourite sport clearly this summer


    As the summer of sports continues, the College of Optometrists is urging sports participants and spectators to consider their vision when enjoying their favourite sports.

  • Remote control in the foreground pointing at a blurred TV screen

    Channel 4 launches a TV catch up accessibility survey


    Bosses at Channel 4 have launched a survey to understand how accessible their programmes are to viewers with sight and/or hearing loss.

    Currently the broadcaster already provides some access services including subtitles, signing and audio description (additional narration during dialogue pauses), across their channels for people with sight and/or hearing loss.  

    Research carried out by Ofcom in 2015 showed only four out of the 90 providers of video-on-demand offer some form of accessibility provision.

  • Omnigen

    New amniotic bandage could help save sight in trauma patients


    Trauma patients rushed to A and E at Nottingham University Queen’s Medical Centre with serious eye injuries can now benefit from a ground-breaking sight-saving wound dressing made from amniotic membrane.

  • IRISS Clinic trial

    Clinical trial: IRIS®II Bionic Vision System


    A clinical trial has started in the UK to test the IRIS®II, a bionic vision system that aims to help patients who have lost their sight due to retinitis pigmentosa.

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