New report highlights the need for ECLOs

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A new report detailing the essential role that eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs) play in eye clinics has been unveiled.

See the need outlines why ECLOs provide a cost-effective solution for the NHS to improve the quality of services and outcomes for individual patients.

It was launched on Tuesday at a Parliamentary reception for MPs in London, in a bid to show how valuable ECLOs are to eye departments and how they can ensure that the service is available for their constituents.  

The report also highlights how integrating ECLOs into eye departments contributes to providing high quality care for all patients, whilst delivering savings.

In a foreword to the report, Lesley-Anne Alexander, RNIB Chief Executive wrote: “At this critical time, the role of ECLOs offers hospitals an innovative solution to fulfil an unmet need and ensure nobody faces sight loss alone.”

She said that the support they provide was integral to the delivery of high quality eye care and added that: “RNIB is urgently calling for hospital managers to ensure that every eye department across the UK has access to a qualified ECLO.”

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