Product of the month: January – PillPress™

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Photo of the PillPressEach month, NB Online will bring you a new product our customers tell us they can't get enough of from RNIB's online shop.

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Easily remove pills from foil blister packaging with the PillPress™. 
With over 90 per cent of all pills now dispensed in foil blister packs, having sight loss, or conditions like Arthritis and stroke paralysis can make getting small pills from packaging harder.


  • The PillPress™ has a deep circular well that is used to press the tablets into, and a triangular platform on the front can be used as extra leverage.
  • The anti-slip silicon pad on the base keeps it still while you push out your medication into the capture well, making it easier to find. 
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Product code: DH206
Price: £2.99

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