RNIB campaigns for accessible streets in a fortnight of action

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Professionals are being urged to let their clients know about a campaign to make the streets more accessible for all.

RNIB will be spearheading a fortnight of action from 6 – 19 July in a big to clear the street from obstacles for blind and partially sighted people.
An RNIB survey of 500 discovered the obstacles that caused the most problems.
The top six were:
  • pavement parking
  • wheelie bins on pavement
  • street furniture like benches or lamp posts
  • advertising or A-boards outside cafes or pubs
  • lack of safe crossing points
  • shared spaces where vehicles and pedestrians share a flat space without a curb to mark the roads.
Blind and partially sighted people and professionals can get involved in the fortnight:
  • attending a blindfold walk with your local MP, highways officers from the council, newspaper editors, radio broadcasters or staff from the refuse company
  • e-mailing your local councillor to ensure they understand how these issues affect blind and partially sighted people
  • sharing your experiences on Facebook or Twitter, or send in photos of street obstacles. Don't forget to tag them #WhoPutThatThere
  • e-maiingl your local newspaper and let them know of the challenges you face when out and about
  • sharing your story with RNIB at [email protected]

Get involved 

Read more about the campaign and what you can do help your clients and patients keep the streets obstacle free.
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