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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mark McCree, Senior Manager for Libraries and Heritage at RNIB explains why this much needed service is now free.

We’ve always thought Talking Books were a good idea. But we think letting people borrow them for free is even better.
To celebrate 80 years of our Talking Books service we’re proud to announce that this week we’ve made it free to use, meaning that even more people will benefit from our life-changing library.
Our Talking Books service revolutionised reading for people with sight loss. Since its humble beginnings in 1935, eight decades of innovation have made it the biggest and best service of its kind for blind and partially sighted people, bringing choice and independence to thousands.
Today, thanks to the support of donors, publishers and the hundreds of staff and volunteers who work hard behind the scenes, our collection of more than 23,000 unabridged books – which is growing every day – is listened to by nearly 30,000 people, in a wider range of formats than ever before.
We’re passionate about reading and the role it can play in the lives of the people we serve. Our library is the largest of its kind in Europe and is growing all the time, with more than 60,000 items. 
Lending books has allowed us to help the blind community live richer, freer lives, creating a lifeline to the outside world through the wonderful reading choices we have available. We hope this positive step will help us serve even more people in the future.

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