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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Eye health and sight loss professionals are being urged to take action against a decision to stop crucial treatments that help prevent children and adults going blind. 

Last month, NHS England decided not to approve two treatments -  Humira and Remicade - for severe refractory uveitis.
RNIB believes that this decision is wrong and could put 100 children at risk of losing their sight each year.
Patients with the condition currently receive steroids and immunosuppressants, however, these drugs only work in 60 per cent of individuals. 
The remainder are either not responsive or are unable to tolerate the side effects of these drugs and therefore need another option.  Anti-TNF drugs, Remicade and Humira can be used to save their sight.
Without rapid treatment, individuals with severe refractory uveitis are at risk of visual impairment. 
Remicade and Humira are currently available in Scotland,  RNIB say it is unfair that patients in England should miss out or be forced to move to Scotland to save their sight. 
RNIB needs your help to fight this unfair decision by writing to NHS England and urging them to reconsider. It is important that you let NHS England know you object to allowing children to lose their sight when a treatment option exists, RNIB adds. 

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