Ten top technology tips to help people with dementia and sight loss

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Technology tips for people with dementia and sight lossTechnology can make life easier for people living with sight loss and dementia.  

RNIB Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland have worked together to develop a new tip card for people with dementia and sight loss. 

From setting simple reminders to using voice recognition software, these top tips provide some key points to help make the most of the digital age. 

As well as sharing sound advice, the tip card provides information on where to find further help and support. 

  • The rise of voice recognition means that you can now complete certain tasks by talking to your computer or device. Could this work for you?
  • Tablets and phones can be used to set useful reminders to alert you to take medication, attend important appointments or meet up with friends. 
  • RNIB has a Technology Support Squad that can set up, fix problems and help you use your technology for free.

Read the full list (PDF, 167KB)

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