Ten tips to help a person with dementia and sight loss in the home

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Monday, 7 November 2016
Top tips: to help a person with dementia and sight loss in the home

There are six sight loss guides in the top tips series. This is the sixth guide of six.

The advice given here will help you feel confident about supporting a person with dementia and sight loss at home:

  1. Gain an understanding of the effects of the eye condition(s)
  2. Remember the 3 C’s - correct, clean and current glasses are worn
  3. Use vertical blinds to control adverse effects of natural light such as glare and shadows
  4. Artificial lighting levels should be consistent, even and controllable
  5. Avoid lampshades and lighting features that allow the bulb to be viewed directly
  6. Make things brighter and bolder using good colour and contrast
  7. Avoid reflective surfaces, as well as highly patterned wallpaper, carpets and furnishings
  8. Encourage a consistent clutter free environment to avoid trip hazards
  9. Use meaningful signifiers and appropriate well contrasted and consistent signage
  10. Local authorities can provide assessments to identify aids and adaptations to support with sight loss

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