Product of the month: Sonic portable USB player

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016
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Sonic portable USB player 

This high quality, portable USB player is the perfect way for anyone with sight loss to listen to music, Talking Books, newspapers and magazines directly from a USB stick or via Bluetooth.

The raised, shaped buttons with tactile markings make it very easy to use.

Whenever the player is switched off or the USB stick is removed, the Sonic will remember the place it was stopped at and resume playing from there when reconnect or turned back on.

User review: “I really like the fact that the manufacturer has added Bluetooth to these devices, as now I can use them as speakers for my phone, tablet and computer. It’s also really easy to Bluetooth my RNIB Overdrive books to the player.”

To find out more or to buy the Sonic today, shop online.

Product code: DH444

Price: £32.00 ex VAT


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