Ten tips to help you communicate with a person with sight loss

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Monday, 7 November 2016
Top tips communicating with a person with sight loss

There are six sight loss guides in the top tips series. This is the first guide of six. 

The advice given here will help you feel confident about talking to a person with sight loss:

  1. Gain the person’s attention by speaking first and/or by a gentle touch on the arm
  2. Introduce yourself and what you do
  3. Always talk to the person directly, rather their sighted companion
  4. In a group conversation, always make it clear who you are and who you are speaking to
  5. Use verbal responses, avoid nods and head shakes
  6. Verbalise your actions
  7. Inform people when you are moving away from them or leaving the room
  8. Remember if someone is blind, it doesn’t always mean they have no sight at all
  9. Ask if guidance or support is required
  10. Provide information in an alternative/accessible way - audio, large print or braille.

Download the Ten tips to help you communicate with a person with sight loss as an accessible PDF.

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