What do you love about NB Online?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017
What do you love about NB Online

Most people would agree that reaching your 100th birthday is a pretty big deal. Here at RNIB, we’re immensely proud of the fact NB Online has be read by people interested by eye health and sight loss for a century.   

So we can make sure NB Online continues to be an invaluable publication with relevant and important news and features, we asked you in a recent survey three simple questions: do you have a special memory of NB Online (previously NB,  New Beacon, The Beacon), how would you describe NB Online to a friend, and how could we improve the publication in the future?
I’m please to say you left some really heartfelt responses and also some more critical comments that we will be incorporating into our future plans (hopefully for the next 100 years!). 
Do you have any special memories of the magazine?
“I found my first rehab job in 1994 through NB!” Daniel Scholes, Rehabilitation Officer.  

“I had an article in the first online edition of NB Online. Being registered as blind in my 20s, New Beacon and other sources of information lead me on the path I am on now. It’s so vital - literally can be a life-saver”, Geoff Pickance, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer. 

“I remember when it was called New Beacon. I paid for a subscription when I was training to become a rehab worker. It was especially helpful when I was looking for job adverts. It has come a long way since then and going online has been a great transformation!”, Simmone Miller, Early Intervention Manager at RNIB.
“I remember an article written by Julia Penfound in the late 80s about pre-cane skills”, Jane Vincent, Head of Children and Young People's Service. 
“It was a great source of information while at college on a rehabilitation worker course. When I needed a brailler of my own because there were not enough at the college, I found one in the for sale section. Fantastic!” Nina Lutterer, employee at Peterborough Association for the Blind.
How would you describe NB Online?
“NB Online helps to keep us in touch with technology developments, new research and political issues that affect people with sight loss”, Tracy Elliott, a Rehabilitation Officer for the Visual Impaired. 
“I love to get the new updated information on guides, tips etc. It’s very helpful to use as handouts during awareness sessions. I would still prefer to get NB in print. I used to keep my back editions and refer to them. I don't feel that I can do this now”, Julie Lee,  Services Manager.

“Until the recent OT conference, I wasn't really aware of how much information RNIB and NB Online provides. I have now picked up quite a few publications and I think they are brilliant and very well worded, particularly for explaining conditions”, Victoria Snowdon, Occupational Therapist.

What advice do you have for NB Online for the future?
“Good news stories and achievements from service users”, Bronagh Lynch, Rehabilitation worker.
“Raising awareness of issues relating to adults with multiple sensory impairment and complex needs. All too often the focus is on children and their parents, rather than adults who might have children themselves, or whose parents are elderly”, Lindsey Paton, Multi-sensory Impairment Practice Adviser.
“I would like to see more articles written by those professionals supporting children/adults on a regular basis for practise sharing”, Claire Russell, a Specialist Technician.
“More of the same please! I like interviews with people across the field. I would like to see features about people delivering frontline services (such as ELCOs, ILCOs)”, Gina Floyd, Evaluation and Impact Officer at RNIB.
“Further promote NB Online! I had only come across it at the OT Show”, Bethan Plant, Occupational Therapist. 
If you’d like to share your story with the readers of NB Online, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 0207 391 2073.

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