New Cataracts Toolkit is here!

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Friday, 16 September 2016
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Turned down for cataract surgery? Finding everyday tasks difficult? This guide will help you get the surgery you need.
With your help, we’ve developed a toolkit that provides practical steps to help you access first or second eye cataract surgery. It includes a range of advice about getting the most out of your appointments and steps to take if your surgery is significantly delayed.
It shouldn’t matter where you live; everyone should be able to get surgery when they need it. However, in some parts of the country there are restrictions on when you can access cataract surgery.
We want to make sure that anyone who’d benefit from cataract surgery doesn’t have to wait until their sight worsens, struggling with simple things like reading, watching TV or even recognising faces.
If you’re having problems getting cataract surgery, take a look at the toolkit today. If you need a different format, please contact us. 
If you’ve had trouble getting cataract surgery and would like to share your story with us, or you’ve got feedback on the toolkit, we’re keen to hear from you. 
If you need any further support, get in touch with us. 
Call our campaigns hotline on 020 7391 2123 or email us on [email protected]
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