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Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Accessible information
Accessible Information Standard

We noticed aspects of communication being put out by some government departments and businesses weren’t fully accessible, particularly for screen reader users.

It seems that as information is being pulled together under pressure, it isn’t always going through the usual accessibility checks. We immediately contacted the teams in government putting out the information, and began pulling together a tailored guide with the key points to remind communications teams how to make sure everyone can access what they share. 

Our CEO Matt Stringer contacted the Disability Unit at the Cabinet Office to offer RNIB’s resources and support. He asked them to champion the importance of accessible information across government and shared the tailored guide. 

The Cabinet Office shared the guide with their own communications teams and reassured RNIB that they are working across government departments to make sure updates are accessible.

We’ve made a version of the guide for each of the nations throughout the UK and have also sent it to the Department for Health and Social Care, Public Health England and Public Health Wales, and Welsh and Scottish Governments. 

It is vitally important everyone knows how to keep themselves and the community safe, and that blind and partially sighted people know about any extra services that may be available to them.

We’ll carry on supporting the NHS, Government, and businesses to make sure the information they share about public health advice is accessible throughout this difficult time.

Please let us know about any examples you come across of inaccessible information either by sending the message to our twitter account @RNIB_Campaigns or contacting us at our campaigns address [email protected].