Coronavirus #InfoForAll campaign update

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Friday, 17 April 2020
Accessible information
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Our #InfoForAll campaign, which has been highlighting examples of inaccessible information relating to coronavirus has made some progress, but still the inaccessible information keeps on coming…

There’s been some progress…

We’ve been working really closely with the Disability Unit at the Cabinet Office. In response to our concerns, updated guidance has been sent out by the Office of the Head of Government Communication to heads of digital communication teams across government. The guidance reminds teams of their obligations under the Equality Act to make sure their communications are accessible.

The Disability Unit have also sent over final public information scripts for us to create audio versions of critical public health advice to be put on the RNIB helpline. The content has been produced in partnership with RNIB and will be read by some familiar voices…. Watch this space!

Meanwhile we’re working with Public Health England and SignHealth to ensure that blind and partially sighted people on the at risk list have access to an audio version of the ‘shielding letter from the NHS’. Recordings are being made as part of a BSL video, the files will be shared with RNIB to share with blind and partially sighted people.

… but things aren’t perfect yet

You may have seen us highlighting example after example of inaccessible communications via our Twitter account. In some cases it’s been almost routine, with certain accounts tweeting inaccessibly close to more than 15 times.

Some of the most crucial communicators in the battle to stop the spread of coronavirus - Number 10 Downing Street, Public Health England and the Department for Health and Social Care Twitter accounts - have among the highest number of examples of inaccessible tweets.

Please keep sharing examples of the inaccessible communications you come across – from government or businesses - using the hashtag #InfoForAll.