Calling out inaccessible coronavirus information

Post date: 
Monday, 6 April 2020
Accessible information
Two hands typing on a laptop.

We’ve been challenging organisations to make sure their information relating to coronavirus is accessible for all, and already we’ve seen some positive changes.

About a week ago we launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #InfoForAll to actively respond to any tweets we see with inaccessible information relating to coronavirus. We’ve been explaining to important accounts like 10 Downing Street or the Department for Health and Social Care, how their posts aren’t accessible to many blind or partially sighted people.

Our replies have been referring them to our top tips on fixing these issues and we’ve been offering to speak to them directly if they have questions.

We’ve been logging each of these interactions to closely monitor the situation and have already seen some organisations acknowledge and take on board our advice, leading to improvements in the accessibility of their posts.

For example, after we pointed out that an inaccessible image was used in a tweet by the Ministry of Defence to share new information, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey MP responded to thank us and say they would improve. And we’ve seen the Department for Health and Social Care and 10 Downing Street accounts using twitter image descriptions where they weren’t before.

How can you help?

If you come across any inaccessible information on the coronavirus outbreak from government or businesses please either email us with the link on [email protected], or reply to the tweet with the hashtag #InfoForAll and the @rnib_campaigns account. Together we can help organisations improve the accessibility of their messages.