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  • Polling station

    Accessible voting win (but still a way to go)


    Blind and partially sighted people should be able to use tools such as mobile phone apps or video magnifiers in the polling booth to help read the options on the ballot paper, according to the Cabinet Office.

  • Three prospective parliamentary candidates in the East Midlands taking a guided walk using SimSpecs with RNIB staff and volunteers

    Blindfold challenge to Parliamentary Candidates


    Parliamentary Candidates take our blindfold challenge.

  • A person places their ballot form in a ballot box.

    Is voting independently on the horizon?


    With a potential general election on the horizon, we're pressing the Cabinet Office to make voting a genuinely independent act for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Mike Tupper, North West volunteer campaigner

    Lancashire man accuses NHS of discrimination


    We are assisting a blind man from Clitheroe taking legal action against East Lancashire Hospitals Trust after it repeatedly failed to send him communication in a format that he could read.

  • Eleanor Southwood

    Banks can no longer ignore financial inclusion


    Treasury Committee report on consumer access to financial services warns that banks can no longer ignore financial inclusion.

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