Nokia Pocket Magnifier – App of the Month, May 2014

1 May 2014

The Nokia Pocket Magnifier app is an OCR reader which allows you to use your phones camera as a handheld magnifier. You can point at an object or text and it will be displayed on your devices screen for you to magnify. You are also able to take an image of what you are looking at save it and magnify it later on.

What’s so great about the Nokia Pocket Magnifier app?

It gives you the flexibility to use your tablet or mobile phone to magnify objects and text from a distance rather, than having a handheld magnifier and minocular with you or having to purchase a specialist device.

Where do I get it?

Download Windows app store
Developed by: Nokia in collaboration with RNIB
Price: Free
Platform:  Windows for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices

User comments

Sarah from Croydon says, 'It’s really handy having an alternative to my handheld magnifier which, I sometimes forget to take with me or just don’t have the room in my bag to do so. It provides a clear enough image and unlike other similar apps, you can use the torch to see things in the dark or in restaurants where there is low lighting.

Being able to take an image of what you are looking at, save and zoom into it, is useful in train stations where the departure board is high up and at quite a distance. If you don’t want to save the image you can just pause the image and zoom in on it with the pinch and zoom gesture which is easy to do

There are also a number of options to change the colour scheme of what I am looking at such as white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue, negative and grey. Because I am light sensitive, the white on black option is useful when trying to read text on a white page or product in the supermarket.'

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