Can you read your bill, your hospital appointment letter or leaflets and letters from your local council?

As a customer, and a citizen of Northern Ireland, you are as entitled as everyone else to read the information you want and need in the format that you want or require, whether you need large print, audio, braille or email.

Many banks, building societies, utility and telecoms companies already offer bills in accessible formats, but only if you ask.
The Health Service, on the other hand, is much worse at providing you with information you can read. This can force you to compromise your privacy by getting others to read sensitive material to you.

Act now!

Don't let any of these organisations duck their duty.

Ask your local council, businesses or health service provider for your preferred reading format every time, and don't take no for an answer!

Complain if they fail, or if the accessible version is late or of poor quality. Please let the Campaigns team know how you get on by emailing [email protected]