We're calling for more audio description in cinemas and theatres, more live commentaries at sporting events and greater visual awareness across the entertainment, sporting, leisure and retail fields.

Audio description

When did you last go to the pictures? A lot of cinemas in Northern Ireland now have audio description, so that you can follow what is happening when nobody is speaking. Give it a try - it makes a real difference!

One centre of attention for this work will be the Lisburn in focus project funded by the Big Lottery fund. The project started in November 2009 and was officially launched on 20 April 2010 at the Irish Linen Centre in Lisburn. 

Soccer sight

The Irish Football Association (IFA) in partnership with RNIB NI introduced Soccer Sight at Northern Ireland's game against Sweden on 28 March 2007. 
Soccer Sight is a service to help football supporters who have difficulty seeing the action on the field.

Blind and partially sighted fans will be given an earpiece through which they can listen to an audio description of the game provided by a trained commentator.

Tickets are available at reduced prices for the person with sight loss and their guide.

To find out more contact our Belfast office on, 028 9032 9373

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