RNIB React is a talking sign system that enables blind or partially sighted people to be more independent when out and about.

What is REACT?

It helps the person confirm where they are and make choices about where to go next.

When linked to real time information signs, it can provide information about which buses or train is coming in and when.

REACT phase 1 in Lisburn was launched in September 2011, linking Lisburn Bus Centre and Lisburn Square, to Bow Street Mall and the Housing Executive.

Phase 2, which includes a route to the train station, library, health centre and Southeastern Regional College has begun, with a number of new locations already active. It is hoped that work on the rest of the units will be completed soon.

Please contact the Lisburn in Focus team on 028 9260 0388 for information on how to get a fob, or to arrange a guided tour of the route.

How it works

The system works by using a trigger fob. This fob may be carried in the user's hand, pocket or bag.

When switched on, it automatically sets off messages as the user approaches speaker units along their route. Using controls on the trigger fob, they can also get more detailed messages.

Ease of use

RNIB React is easy to use and really makes a difference to people with sight loss.

"It's like having talking signposts. It's great to have confidence that when you come out of a shop that REACT is there to remind you where you are!" said Geraldine Dougal, a local user of the system.

Key features

Variety of uses:

It can be used in town and city centres, on bus stops, at train and bus stations, and other outdoor spaces.

One fob for all:

It is part of a national network of talking sign systems. So you can use a single trigger fob in Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle and locations throughout Scotland, as well as the Share Holiday Village in Fermanagh and now Lisburn.

A pilot scheme is to be introduced shortly in Belfast.

Expert support:

Each installation is supported by our technical and access experts.

Speaker units are discreet, vandal-resistant and low maintenance.

Automated messages:

Messages are activated automatically, making life easier for the trigger fob user. You don't even need to take the trigger fob out of your pocket!

Please contact us if you are thinking of installing RNIB React or want to arrange a demonstration of the system for your organisation.

Please email Lisburninfocus@rnib.org.uk
Tel: 028 9260 0388