If you are blind, partially sighted or live with any kind of sight loss, access social and leisure activities in your local community today!

With support from our Community Access team, feel empowered to get out there and make what you want happen!

What we do

  • We begin with a simple one to one assessment to identify what you want or need
  • We can talk you through the full range of RNIB support services and refer you to a service if that’s what you want
  • We can work with you to get the support you need from your local health and social care services 
  • We deliver training in visual awareness to equip organisations with the skills and confidence to include people who are blind or partially sighted in all their activities and services
  • We work with you in getting involved in the wider community through our established networks and partnerships

Following an audio described tour of Titanic Belfast, Charlene Newell, 57 who’s registered blind from Kilkeel said, “RNIB makes such a difference to us with sight loss - you keep us all connected and feel like we belong to something."

Get involved

If you have problems with your eye sight or you've been diagnosed with sight loss, why not find out more about the range of activity programmes, social groups and the growing number of accessible community activities.

Continue with your hobbies and passtimes or, maybe just try something new.

We support many different sporting and leisure groups that meet on a regular basis throughout Northern Ireland. From walking to swimming, from dancing to yoga.  Maybe you like reading and chatting about your latest book, or maybe you just want to catch up with friends over a coffee?

Find out more about our confidence building programmes and how this support can help you take positive steps to deal with challenges faced as a result of problems with your sight and ongoing support to access leisure, sporting, social and cultural activities.

Practical support

We can get you started with support or advice in:

  • Technology or products that might assist you in living more independently
  • Enquiring about receiving written information in a more accessible way, Bank statements or medical information for example
  • We can help put you in touch with local mobility services, other voluntary groups or recreational facilities

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Contact us

To find out more about opportunities available now in your community, get in touch and a local member of our team will be happy to help.

Call us on: 0303 123 9999

Email us any time: [email protected]