Online Today – helping people with sensory loss to get online

Technology can make life easier when you have sight or hearing problems, but knowing where to start isn't always easy.

We're helping people with sensory loss gain and develop skills that allow them to use technology and the internet with confidence. So whether you need help with using your smartphone, setting up social media accounts, or simply browsing the internet – we're here to make sure you're getting the most out of it!

Opening up a world of opportunity

"Our aim is to help people gain skills that allow them to enjoy the benefits of being online and understand how it can help with everyday living.

There is so much more we could be doing to improve the lives of those with sight loss through technology. Online Today will open up opportunities, increase equality as a consumer, improving access to information and letting you engage in a way that was previously only open to a minority of people with sight loss."

Lynn Green, RNIB Group Volunteering Manager

How we'll help

We'll be providing support in a number of ways, from home visits to one to one and group sessions, as well as nationwide workshops and events. After talking through your needs, our team of staff and volunteers will be on hand to give you the best support and advice, which could include the following:

  • Sharing tips and getting demos as part of nationwide events and workshops
  • Setting up your email and social media accounts, like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook
  • Helping you to chat online using Skype
  • Showing you how to use your Tablet or eReader such as an iPad and Kindle
  • Support with setting up and using your iPhone or other smartphone
  • Showing you how to pay your bills and shop online
  • Helping you to use a GPS navigation system

Kelly Gallagher introduces Online Today

Paralympic skier Kelly Gallagher explains why she's helping us launch Online Today

Helping you to stay connected

"I was a guy who loved his computer, I used Blackberry products and was into social media, but in 2011 I suddenly lost my sight. Thanks to RNIB, within a couple of months I had an opportunity to learn how to use a screen reader on my laptop with a tutor.

Four years on, I have a new computer and the staff at RNIB Scotland have advised me on technology that I've found much easier to use and provided me with lots of advice. They've been a great source of information and support."

Ian White, 52, Ayrshire

Need help setting up your device?

We've all been there, you've returned home excited about trying your new device or service, and it doesn't seem to work as you expected. Don't worry, we have a dedicated team that can help you.

RNIB's Technology Support Squad (TSS) is a free national service that can set up, fix issues with and help you use your device.

Get in touch for help with:

  • changing your watch battery
  • tuning in your digital radio
  • setting up audio description on your TV
  • setting up a new computer, laptop or printer
  • setting up your internet connection
  • installing software such as Microsoft Office or JAWS

This is only a handful of the many ways that our volunteers can help you. Call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or email us on for more information.





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