An opportunity that cannot be missed

2 July 2014

Holly Heath explains how eye and health professionals can support a call to improve services for people with sight loss.

In my work for RNIB, people with sight loss regularly tell me how health services could be improved to meet their needs more effectively.

I also often hear from eye health and sight loss professionals on what they think is working or how things could be done differently. That’s why the recent launch of NHS England’s, Improving eye health and reducing sight loss - a call to action, is so exciting.

This consultation recognises the increasing demand for eye health services, which, as you all know, will only continue to grow with an aging population.

With call to actions already completed for general practice, pharmacy and dental, the consultation on eye care presents us all with an enormous opportunity, with eye health being given equal importance.

The consultation

The consultation invites professionals, patients and the public to stimulate a national conversation about the future demand on NHS services, changing health needs and meeting these challenges.

It is really important that the sector gets behind the consultation in order to look at how things can be done better to improve how eye health services are planned, commissioned and delivered.

NHS England is particularly keen to know about how it can join up its services better and also about transferring care in to the community.

At this time, it is really important to hear your expert views so that we can feed it in to the consultation and let NHS England know what needs to be improved.

With the consultation closing in September, the sooner you get in contact with us, the better.

Please email [email protected] or call the campaigns hotline on 020 7391 2123.

Holly Heath is RNIB’s, Assistant Policy and Campaigns Officer, Eye Health.