Overgrown shrubbery and branches

Hitting your head on an overhanging branch or knocking into overgrown shrubbery can be a real problem for blind and partially sighted pedestians, particularly during the summer months.

Obstructions that block pavements have a far greater impact on blind and partially sighted people than they do for other sections of the community. Each and every overhanging branch or overgrown shrub that obstructs a pavement can be a huge risk for blind and partially sighted people who get a knock on the head or a jab in their eye. They can lead to physical injuries which can really put people off getting out and about in their areas. 

The briefing focuses on England but even if you're based in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, we hope they're useful. You can contact your local campaigns team for more information.

Who put that there! Overgrown shrubbery and branches 

We've put together all the relevant facts we could find on overgrown shrubbery and branches and the law.

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