Pearson and Load2Learn: easier access to textbooks

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Monday, 20 April 2015
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The education publishers Pearson has teamed up with Load2Learn, the web-based service delivered by RNIB and Dyslexia Action, to offer access to its titles for UK schools and colleges in alternative formats.

Pearson is making thousands of its books available, across Early Years, all Key Stages, GCSE, A-level and BTEC. As well as PDFs, Load2Learn offers a means to access the most popular titles in Word, electronic publication (EPUB), audio and braille.

Teachers can now access texts within hours rather than days, saving time and allowing staff more opportunity to support students in their learning.

Alison Long, RNIB Senior Manager, Learning and Braille, said: "Since its launch in 2012, Load2Learn has helped thousands of students throughout the UK get access to textbooks in a format which is suitable to their needs.”

"We're delighted Pearson has joined Load2Learn and is making its vast list of titles for UK schools and colleges available for those students who find it difficult to read standard print texts.

"The ability to order GCSE and A-level texts from Pearson's portfolio will prove particularly useful for students as they look to further their education at college and university."

Around 10 per cent of school and college students require texts in an alternative accessible format due to a sight loss condition, dyslexia or another disability.

Maura Moran, Pearson's Head of Content Management for UK Schools, said: "At Pearson we believe it is vitally important for students to be able to learn at all levels across the curriculum and in a format that is individual to their needs.”

"Being part of Load2Learn allows us as a publisher to demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity for all with regards to education. We're pleased to be able to add to this fantastic online resource which allows students to learn at their own pace and in their own way regardless of any disability."

Load2Learn was developed with funding from the Department for Education and provides accessible curriculum materials for students and guidance, information and training support for teaching staff. It is available free to schools and colleges in the UK.

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