Overdrive is a service which can be used to borrow digital content such as eBooks and audiobooks from RNIB Talking Books or from local libraries and schools.

To use this, you will need to be a member of the library that you want to use and know your membership details. You will also need an Overdrive account.

The Overdrive app is currently available on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. It is free to download and use.

Features and benefits

Once you have access to the Overdrive app, you can use it to listen to and download the books. There are also a number of visual settings which can be customised for the user, for example text size, font style and colour options.

Books can be downloaded using Overdrive. This means they are stored on your device, so you won’t need an internet connection to read your books whenever you are out, using public transport or on holiday.

Anything else?

You are borrowing books when you use Overdrive, just like at a physical library. There may be limited copies of books available for download so you may have to wait for someone else to return a book before you can get it. You will know roughly how long you have to wait because Overdrive will tell you your position on a waiting list.

Overdrive books will expire after a certain time period and disappear from your device. You can extend the borrowing period for some books so you have a longer time to read them. When you are finished with a book on Overdrive, you can return it before it expires, so it becomes available to other users.

Getting started with Overdrive

Once you have downloaded the app on your device, to begin you will receive an email from Overdrive. You will need to respond to the email to verify your email address and to complete the sign up process.

To add books from the library of your choice such as RNIB Talking Books you will need to add them as a library within the Overdrive account. This will then link you to that specific library where you can browse, borrow and download their books.

There is a selection of user guides available through the Overdrive website or you can contact the library of your choice for more information and instructions on using Overdrive.