Prescription pills

Online prescriptions are repeat prescriptions ordered online and sent directly to your preferred pharmacy or chemist or they can be ordered online from your GP surgery.

Check if either service is available in your area by asking your pharmacy or GP.

Ordering repeat prescriptions online using your phone or tablet allows you to manage your own medication schedule and place an order at any time day or night.

You will need to speak to your GP to get set up for online prescription orders. This applies everywhere in the UK where the service is available. You will then need to nominate a pharmacy to be the one that you use (so you’ll need to check that they offer the service).

Once agreed with the doctor and the pharmacy, you will receive information about the application (app) that you should use to order your online prescriptions. The app will have a list of the medications that are available for you to order, along with a quantity option. You will receive a notification by text or email telling you when the prescription will be ready.

Electronic Prescription Service

If you live in England and receive regular prescriptions for medicine or medical aids, the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) can be used to organise the dispensing of your prescriptions. Instead of going to your GP practice to collect a prescription, you can go straight to your local pharmacy to pick up medicine or medical aids.

How to use this service:

This is an online service provided by the NHS in England and you do not need a computer to be able to use it. You just need to nominate a pharmacy or dispensing surgery or supplier. Simply ask any pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor that offers EPS to add your nomination for you.

E-prescriptions in Scotland

A similar service is available in Scotland.  Ask your local GP practice for more information about electronic prescriptions. In Scotland this is called Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP).

GP Online and online repeat prescriptions in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, many surgeries offer online services. To use your doctor’s online services you must be registered with their GP practice and set up an online account with them.

To get an online account, you will need to ask your GP practice for a registration letter. You can do this in person or by telephone. They'll post you the letter explaining how to complete the registration process.

Once you have an account for your GP practice's online services, you can order a repeat prescription.