Employment after lockdown

As the UK slowly comes out of various stages of lockdown, employers must consider how to provide a safe environment for employees with sight loss. 

We've put some information together to help you to support your employees who are blind or partially sighted to work from home, make your workplace safer, and what to consider when carrying out risk assessments.

Working from home safely

If you are new to remotely managing blind or partially sighted employees, there are some areas you should consider. Read our guidance on managing health and safety, equipment, one-to-ones and team meetings.

Making the workplace safer for employees with sight loss

There are practical actions for businesses to take on making the workplace safer for your blind and partially sighted employeees. Read about five main steps and the legislation you need to be aware of as an employer.

Risk assessment guidance for employers

Risk assessments must now take coronavirus into consideration. If you have employees with sight loss there are some particular areas you should consider as part of your risk assessment.

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