ECLO impact tool: UK wide findings 2015-2016

Title: ECLO impact tool: UK wide findings 2015-2016

Author: Dr Gina Floyd, Publisher: RNIB

This document summarises the findings from the RNIB/Action ECLO impact tools. The reports is a summary of national figures, which includes Action for Blind People (England) and RNIB Cymru, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Key Findings 

  • Almost three quarters of those supported are over 65 (74 per cent – PEQ data)
  • Over two thirds received face to face support (67 per cent)
  • The majority of patients (64 per cent) who are supported by an ECLO were diagnosed more than 18 months ago. Only 13 per cent of patients supported by an ECLO were diagnosed ‘in the last three months’ 
  • Patients report increased emotional wellbeing as a result of the support provided by an ECLO (75 per cent)
  • In the three months following their first point of contact just over half have at least one further appointment with the ECLO (53 per cent)
  • 88 per cent felt that their appointment gave them enough time to discuss how they felt about their eye condition. This feedback was also highlighted in the qualitative comments
  • Measures around optimism and anxiety stayed at similar levels from the first PEQ to follow up, which demonstrates the lasting impact of the service on people’s wellbeing
  • After visiting an ECLO people’s understanding of the support available outside of the eye clinic rose from 23 per cent to 91 per cent (a 68 per cent point increase)

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