Travel, mobility and living skills research

Research shows that independent travel can be a challenge for blind and partially sighted people and many find themselves trapped at home.

Falls - costs, numbers and links with visual impairment

This briefing paper considers the evidence concerning the number and cost of falls attributed to partial sightedness and blindness. Published 2011.

Care homes falls prevention project

As part of a review of its own policies, RNIB commissioned ARUP to conduct desk research on falls management in care homes for the elderly, looking particularly at the specific needs of older people who are blind or partially sighted. Published 2011.

Barriers to financial inclusion report

New research funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group and carried out by RNIB, investigates the factors affecting the independent use of banking services for blind and partially sighted people. Published 2011.

Wayfinding project

Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. This report is the first phase of RNIB's Wayfinding project and focuses on a review the current available solutions. Published 2010.

Travel, transport and mobility

The aim of the research was to gain a clear understanding of the opinions and circumstances of registered blind and partially sighted people in relation to travel, transport and mobility. Published 2009.