Rights, Advice and Information Service

RNIB Cymru is working with Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, Deafblind Cymru and Sense Cymru to provide information, advice and support to people with sensory loss in Wales.

How we can help

We can check that you are getting the benefits and concessions that you are entitled to and let you know about other services and support that is available to you in your area.
We will arrange for any benefit application forms to be completed for you and provide support through the claim process.
We also have a team of specialist case workers who will be able to support you in challenging the most complex of benefit decisions if your decision is wrong.

Unfortunately, a time has to come whereby we have to close our lists to our customers with hearing loss only.  Therefore, we are unable to take any referrals/cases from 1 July 2017.  This is due to the length of time that a case takes to complete.  Please be assured that we will continue to support any existing cases until they close and receive a final outcome.  As a team we have learnt so much from our deaf customers and have become a trusted source of help within their community.  Our partners will continue to work with other organisations in Wales to ensure that deaf people continue to receive the level of support that they have become to expect from RAISE.


British sign language transcription video

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How to contact us

Please use our online form to refer yourself, or someone else, to the team.
Tel: 0333 323 0227
Fax: 01492 534809
Text Relay: 1800103333230227
SMS: 07860 052917