RNIB announce partnership with Penguin Random House UK

This September, RNIB is excited to announce our new partnership with Penguin Random House UK, adding thousands of new titles to RNIB Library and RNIB Bookshare. 

This means that all titles already published by Penguin Random House - together with all their new releases - will be instantly available on RNIB Bookshare for free. RNIB Bookshare is used by learners at schools and universities to access content linked to the curriculum or to their studies. New titles will also be available on publication day for all Bookshare members to access straight away. 
In addition, all of Penguin Random House’s newly published audio books, as well as a large number of previously published audio titles, will soon be available through Talking Books for over 40,000 RNIB registered users to access free of charge.
David Clarke, Director of Services at RNIB, said:

“We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Penguin Random House and can’t wait to share all of their titles both with our learners through Bookshare and library readers through Talking Books. It’s the first time a publisher has simultaneously shared all of their content with RNIB readers for both education and leisure. We need the support of publishers like Penguin Random House to make this a reality, so we’re delighted to be working together.