RNIB helping to improve access to National and Country Parks

Posted: March 7, 2017

Accessing the Great British countryside is a right which should be afforded to every member of the public, and disabilities should not be a barrier.

A joint project between RNIB and the managers of Ferry Meadows Country Park has ensured that millions more blind and partially sighted people will have access to this beauty spot, and serves as a good study of the work we would like to see happening across the rest of the country.

The venture, which we completed with Nene Park Trust, involved installing accessible maps at the popular country park.

Following an initial review of the park’s accessibility, which had 1.6 million visitors last year – RNIB accessible maps were installed at the park’s entrances, and 

handheld braille and tactile large print handheld guides were also placed in the visitor centre.

The maps were designed within the park’s current theme and feel, and provide information about facilities, the park’s visitor code and a detailed layout.

They also help blind and partially sighted people gain spatial awareness of the different points around the park, and were uploaded onto Nene Park’s website, where they can be downloaded by visitors prior to their visit.

This was a fantastic project and a testament to Nene Park Trust’s efforts to open access to its services.

Our team can carry out reviews and offer advice on making tourist destinations and facilities more accessible so everyone can enjoy Great Britain. 

If you like to share your thoughts, ask for specific information, or find out more about our work please contact the team at [email protected] or call 01733 375 370.