Accessibility should be at the heart of public transport upgrades

Posted: March 7, 2017

One project that caught our eye in 2016 was the approval of £300,000 by the Department for Transport for the creation of a “smart bus shelter” near Manchester Piccadilly.

The new shelter, which is the first of its kind to be unveiled in Britain, allows people to access free wifi, wirelessly charge their mobile phones while waiting for the bus, and makes it easier for passengers to get around the North West city.

But, while we support any project that makes services easier to access, we would have liked to have seen steps taken to include accessibility features to make this transport hub easier to access by blind and partially sighted passengers.

The digital technology that can drastically improve accessibility is already being used in the project, it is just missing the specific features.

Something as simple as a braille map, would help increase independence for blind and partially sighted passengers.

We would like to see any future investments and upgrades approved with more consideration for disabled passengers to remove discrimination from public transport.

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