Building accessibility

Put the human experience into your premises. We'll help you to make your physical spaces accessible to all, ensuring everyone who visits or works in your buildings can find their way around with ease.

Check your building works for everyone. From heritage-protected landmarks to cutting-edge future designs from the world’s pioneering architects, our building accessibility team has a vast range of experience and is a long term National Register of Access Consultants member.

A long term National Register of Access Consultants member, our team of building accessibility experts offer the following services:

  • A detailed, prioritised audit of all aspects of the built environment, highlighting key issues with recommendations to resolve and remove barriers.
  • Consultancy on current policies, practices and procedures, covering all aspects of managing a building.
  • Reviews of initial spatial planning and internal layouts for future developments.
  • Support with intellectual access to environments and services.
  • Assistance with the correct selection of fixtures, fittings and finishes, whether this is public or employee related.
  • Management of the facility and Emergency Egress planning.
  • Access statements which include PEPs (Personal Egress Plans) for use when the facility is full and running.

We will also ensure an on-site presence at key stages throughout any project and have an on-going relationship after the initial audit, ensuring your organisation is satisfied with your building’s accessibility.

You can also get recognised as market leaders through our RNIB Approved quality assurance mark.

To find out more information regarding building accessibility and how we can support your business, please get in touch with the team.

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